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I have been creating websites since middle school when I decieded there had to be an easier way for all of my online games to be reached. Little did I know creating a simple site and embeding the games would spark a love for web designing and digital development. While that site is now long gone, I have spent years creating websites for fun everytime I wanted to start a new project, like dropshipping clothes in high school to working with a team of concert producers to showcase their work. (The site is no longer live but you can see a video recording by clicking -> here!)

As I have continued to pursure many other passions, I started working with Jujubeet Cafe, that is when I discovered how much I enjoy the hands on process of getting to help invison a brands online presence and make it come to life. I got to bring their brick and motor store online in order to pivot during the pandemic and when they closed their stores revamped the website to create a robust market competitive site to help them expand more into strictly online delivery. 

With a focus on creating scalable longterm digital development plans that are unique and consumer experience focused. My favoirte being, when I get to really dive into a business beyond just desinging a site and instead help blend all of their digital channels to create a brand experience that leads to increased consumer conversion rates and brand loyalty. In addition to crafting an easy to understand site maintnece experience for my clients if they want to be more hands on longterm. 

As I have shifted my focus to working just on the Shopify platform, I have worked with and can migrate sites from Wix, Squarespace, or Wordpress.org.
I am open to helping migrate sites from other platforms, those are just the ones I have the most hands-on experience with!

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Digital Development Specialties

+ Migrating Sites to Shopify
+ Connectiing Brick + Motor Stores to an Online Retail Presence
+ Connecting Food Service Businesses to an Online Ordering Presence
+ Finding Out of the Box Solutions to Connect Various Business Channels to One Synonymous User Web Experience
+ Integrating Digital Marketing Platforms and Making them Shoppable 

Integration Specialties

Klaviyo Email Marketing
Yotpo Reviews + Loyalty
Fetch Digital Downloads
Shogun Enhanced User Experience Pages

Trash Markets | Wordpress

Sippy Music | Wix

Sippy Music Merch
| Shopify